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24oz Teaboco S - Bamboo + Glass Tumbler Set (Black & White)

24oz Teaboco S - Bamboo + Glass Tumbler Set (Black & White)

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We designed the Teaboco S tumbler set for a completely plastic free beverage experience, all while adding our colourful and unique twist!

What can you expect from the Teaboco S tumbler set? Well here are just a few of the highlights

  • Reversible neoprene sleeve to add flair to your morning coffee or evening boba run: it can also protect your hands from hot and cold drinks, and keep some insulation too!
  • Silicone straw tips in 2 colours and sizes: protect your teeth while you sip that last bit of your smoothie, and if you're sensitive to metal, then this is perfect for you!
  • Reusable velvet tote bag so that you never forget your tumbler at home: who can make excuses when you have the cutest & most stylish bag to stash your Teaboco tumbler for on-the-go?

This, and so much more is in store with our new Teaboco S tumbler series! Get your order in now for 15% off the future retail price.

Each tumbler set includes:

  • Borosilicate glass tumbler
  • Bamboo lid with silicone lining
  • Reversible neoprene sleeve (black & white)
  • 2 stainless steel metal straws (wide-mouthed & regular)
  • Straw brush cleaner
  • 4 silicone straw tips (Black & white)
  • Breathable & sturdy straw case

Choose from 2 tumbler sizes to match your preferences: 24oz/700mL or 20oz/580mL. They're both functional, beautiful, and sustainable!

You can also add an optional velvet carrying bag from the options below. It comes with an adjustable strap and enough wiggle room to carry around the straw case and other small trinkets alongside.

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